Contract No 4016 – Support Services

Provision of Support Services for ADCO Fields / Terminal (Civil Construction and Maintenance works & Supply of Man-power) under Task Orders

Contract No. 5465.1

Excavation to locate underground pipeline, Covering of exposed lines with sand, construction of bunding and stabilisation with Gatch by compaction in Asab/Sahil/Shah

Contract No. 5797.01 : Provision of Equipment and operator for Right of Way Maintenance along the Main Oil Line between Asab and Jebel Dhanna

Removal of accumulated sand, laying of gatch, compaction and levelling of ROW by using Wheel Loaders, Wheel Dozers, Tipper trucks, Graders and Roller-compactors (Ongoing from

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Contract No. OPL 105.03 Civil Maintenance of Pipelines in all Gasco Operating Areas

Earth works, Pipleline Embankments, Right of way construction and repair, Provision of Vehicles and Equipment, Concrete Casting and Concrete Repairs, Security Fencing, Conc. Crash Barriers,

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